How we work

We source our fresh seafood from the largest fish markets in the United Kingdom. We have our own buyers in Newlyn, Brixham and Scotland. These guys are taking part in the live auctions that go on every morning from 6am. We are in contact with our team, minute by minute, to ensure we get the right products, at the right price. Our fish is then expertly packed and delivered to us later that evening.

Being a London based fish supplier we also have quick access to Billingsgate Fish Market. Steve our company Director, with over 40 years experience in the industry, drives there every morning to buy any rare items we may need. Working this way, we never let any customer down and always complete every order.

Our team work through the night to ensure you have your delivery first thing in the morning. We understand restaurants don’t want their delivery late in the day.

We start in the office around 11pm and our preparation team start shortly after, to ensure each customer has exactly what they require.

Our first van is on the road at 5:00am and the rest follow shortly after that.

How to order

You can use our 24 hour answering machine service on 01992 676543.

Or order via email at