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Fish Vaccination Project Could Boost Scottish Salmon Industry

SCOTLAND – A collaborative vaccination project, co-funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, could enhance the efficacy and welfare of cleaner-fish and help to deliver growth in the salmon industry.

Aqualife, a Stirlingshire business which vaccinates over 100 million fish a year, has received funding from the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre for a research project to develop new fish vaccination techniques for species of lumpfish and wrasse.

The project could lead to significant production growth in the salmon industry in Scotland, the creation of new jobs, a more sustainable industry, and decreased use of medicines.

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UK School Food Standards Prompt Increase in Sustainable Fish Served

UK – One in six UK primary schools are now serving MSC certified sustainable fish to pupils, according to a report published recently by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Over 500 schools have become MSC certified in the past year, an 18 per cent increase in schools offering their pupils demonstrably sustainable fish. The MSC attributes the change to the new School Food Standards which came into force in January this year.

Henry Dimbleby, one of the authors of the School Food Standards said: “This report highlights the impact of the School Food Plan on the sourcing of fish in schools. It shows a strong start, though there is still a long way to go.

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UK’s Top 60 Fish and Chip shops announced

The UK’s top 60 fish and chip shops were announced today (Tuesday 21 July) as part of the 2016 National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.

Competing across 10 regions, the shops will now ‘batter’ it out as they vie for the ultimate title – Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year.

The regions include: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North East England, North West England, Midlands, Eastern England, London & South East England, Central & Southern England and South West England. A full list of all the shortlisted shops can be found at

To get to this stage and secure a place in the coveted shortlist, shops have been appraised across a variety of judging criteria including responsible sourcing policies, marketing and promotional practices and staff training policies.

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Prawn price rise expected to follow Greenland quota cut

COLD water prawns are likely to become more expensive in the UK and Europe in the coming months.

The fishing regulators in Greenland are considering a big reduction in the shrimp (prawn) quotas in West Greenland, the biggest producing area.

The figure quoted is that the total catch could fall from 85,000 tonnes last year to 73,000 tonnes in 2015 – a drop of around 15 per cent. The East Greenland figure could fall from 6,100 to 5,500 tonnes.

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Sardine sales booming thanks to re branding

Waitrose has just reported a 19 per cent rise in sales of the once-forgotten fish, while high-end restaurants from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen to Duck and Waffle in the City of London and Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant have put them back on the menu.

“It’s the rebranding that’s made pilchards really popular,” explains the skipper as he spots a shoal on his sonar and prepares his crew to “shoot” the ring net around them. “You just have to think of the romance of a sardine on the barbecue and think of the Mediterranean.”

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Bluefin tuna quotas increased, should cause a drop in price

The eastern and Mediterranean bluefin tuna quota is to be increased by around 20 per cent.

Although the increase is in line with scientific advice, conservation groups are concerned that the increase is too rapid and that it is putting bluefin population recovery in jeopardy.

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Fishermen say fish discard ban has no legal certainty

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has criticised a ban on discarding unwanted fish into the sea as being “without a sensible legal platform”.

They said the ban contradicted existing regulations on landing fish.

The ban is part of a new deal on fishing quotas and industry rules that has been reached after negotiations in Brussels. Both the Scottish and UK governments have welcomed the deal.

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The Mackerel wars continue

The Mackerel War is an on-going and so far unresolved dispute between Britain (backed by the European Union and Norway) and the combined forces of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Unlike the Cod Wars which was about territory and fishing grounds the Mackerel War is about the size of catches and quotas that countries are allowed to take from the seas within their own territory. Despite being dubbed the ‘Mackerel War’ this particular dispute has yet to see any warships mobilised or direct conflict.

Talks aimed at resolving the Mackerel War have so far failed.

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